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Playlist: Arpeggios.

Check out this curated playlist to get a nice sampling of how arpeggios stretch across time and space! Whether you’re into Rae Sremmurd or Johann Sebastian Bach, arpeggios are something you’ve probably heard many times over.

Let’s get arpeggiated!

As you listen to the tracks, try to see if you can seek out each arpeggio. Sometimes it’s a little tricky. Is it a melody line? Or can you stack-up all the notes you’re hearing and make it into a chord?

Another thing to consider here is what kind of voice is the arpeggio featured in? Is it prominent and in your face? Is it in the background softly drifting by? An arpeggio can be a melody, and vice versa, but the key question is when! You’ll know an arpeggio immediately if you can pick out the notes and play them at once as a chord. Pull out your keyboard while you listen and give it a shot!


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