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Melodics was conceived by Sam Gribben, Ex CEO of Serato, in the summer of 2014. Having finished up at Serato after a decade at the helm, Sam was ready for something new. He’d worked with some of the biggest artists in the music world, and with the international companies who built the instruments & controllers they used. Along the way he noticed how important pad & cue point drumming was becoming in the overlapping worlds of DJing & production. Thus, an idea was born.

Sam Gribben, Melodics CEO
I had drum machines and pad controllers for years, and it frustrated me how hard it was to learn new patterns and beats. I’ve watched tons of videos from expert finger drummers, but it always felt so hard to develop the dexterity and muscle memory you need. – Sam Gribben, Melodics CEO

The result is the app you can download now. You can now learn keys, pads and drums. With several huge international artists on board, and more on the way; plus over 100 lessons to play, and more coming every week; and with a team dedicated to helping you get better at pad drumming, Melodics is here. We hope you enjoy it, and we look forward to making it even better in the weeks, months, and years to come. Cheers!

Melodics practice goals

The Melodics home screen.

Motivational mechanics, and the importance of practice

The word practice, can leave a bad taste in your mouth, at least as it’s used musically. It raises images of endless scales and aching hands trying to get the fingering right for an CMaj7#11 chord on the guitar. For many of us - brought up on hip hop / techno / jungle / EDM / a million other micro-genres, that approach doesn’t fit with what we feel in the music. The energy. The fun.

However – practicing by repeating something over again is still the best way to improve, and that’s as true of learning to play music as it is anything else.

So with Melodics we make your practice fun using motivational mechanics and practice goals.

When you start playing Melodics, you're presented with a number of practice goals to meet, which become increasingly harder over time. We’ve found that even with small practice sessions of just 5 minutes a day, your skills, timing & muscle memory will start to improve rapidly, and the practice goals motivate you to do that.

Our approach to music education

Confidence is key: Positive reinforcement and building good habits around practice creates a really powerful feedback loop. A simple but really powerful idea here is that greatness isn’t born, it’s grown.

Rodi Kirk, Melodics head of education
Melodics can help students develop an active and confident relationship with music. – Rodi Kirk, Melodics head of education

Learning by doing: Dive inside the song itself to develop an understanding of the patterns, theory and structure of contemporary music through active learning and performance.

Better practice: By combining motivational technology, deliberate practice methodology and collaboration with contemporary musicians and artists, we are able to make practice fun.

The fastest way to start playing.

Get free access to 60 free lessons for 5 performance minutes a day to start building your rhythm, timing, and muscle memory immediately.

When you’re ready to expand your progress, subscribe to a plan to get unlimited access to play hundreds of songs, over 1500 lessons, courses, exercises and all premium practice features.

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